Wild Flowers on Hole #13

Could earbuds be a solution?

Talking Etiquette

Lately I have noticed a few groups that are playing music during their round of golf.  I suppose that wouldn’t be a problem in itself, but when they are playing it loud enough for my group to hear, three holes away, it becomes a distinct source of irritation and distraction to a golfer’s game.

Perhaps I’m a little old fashioned, but I think this kind of behaviour is simply disrespectful and inconsiderate of other players on the course.  I think if such distractions continue to increase they could easily ruin the overall pleasure of the game for many golfers.

Sure there are the chattering squirrels, and yes there are those incessant crow conversations, but they are part of the natural habitat that we have come to experience.  It’s this natural part of the environment that enhances the golfing experience and adds value and appeal to the course.

What can a person do about the unnatural distractions like loud music?  Well, I would suggest you try to contact the course  Ambassador or Marshall, call the pro shop on your cell phone, or mention it to your Pro or Assistant Pro the next time you see one of them.  I wouldn’t recommend approaching individuals or groups on the course as they may become verbally or physically aggressive.  Let the professionals handle such situations, they know exactly how to do it best.