We all know what it feels like to swing and miss the ball completely, or to swing and hit your ball into the rough, again and again.  It’s painful!

Tip Talk

However, every time my youngest daughter and I go golfing, she implements her own special scoring system.  A system that would have the handicap god and the rules committee pulling out their hair, I’m sure!  But for us it is a fun way to play a round of golf, and at the same time be somewhat competitive.

How does her unique scoring system work?  Well, it’s quite simple, she only counts her good strokes.  I on the other hand, must count all of my strokes, good or bad, penalties included!  She of course is the judge of what constitutes a good stroke, which at times may be a little controversial.

This unique scoring system does a few things that may not initially be apparent. image First of all, it maintains her enthusiasm while she is learning how to play the game, second, she doesn’t feel the pressure to perform perfectly on every shot while developing her skill set, and third, it develops a positive feeling about her ability to play as well as her Dad, and that’s gold in a father/daughter relationship.  As we approach the golf cart at the end of the first hole  I say, “I got a bogie,” to which she gleefully replies, “I got an eagle!”

And on it goes for 17 more wonderful holes!