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Greens Crew

Course maintenance staff are up at the crack of dawn, and work long hours almost every day, in order to keep the Talking Rock course in pristine shape. Kudos to the crew!

Elton, TJ, & Steve
Rest in Peace TJ

I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for them, when we are constantly interrupting their work, whether it be raking bunkers, cutting fairways, repairing sprinklers, or any of the multitude of jobs they perform.  And yet they still manage to always stop their work and quietly wait on the sidelines while we play through.


When the season opened this year the course was in amazing condition.  This staff, in addition to giving us such an eye popping opening, also managed to install new septic fields for each of the bathrooms on the course.  Nice work, crew!


I’m  quite certain I am not the only golfer that immensely appreciates the efforts made by the greens keeping team.


Anyway, now that you know their names, and what they look like, it would be great if the next time you see any one of them on the course, you give them a thumbs up, a friendly wave, or just say hello!

Undoubtedly, I will be taking more pictures and adding more names throughout the season, so visit often to get the updates!


As we wrap up the 2016 season, the crew is adding sod to those areas that have been worn away by power carts that have repeatedly been driven off the cart paths around tee boxes and greens.

And with the fine skills of our course superintendent, Talking Rock continues to get better and better every year!  Great job Daryl!





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